VG motorsports offers a variety of services for your application. with our in house rottler f79a we raised the standard in block machining for both durability and performance while holding unmatched tolerances!

CNC Block  Boring

CNC Block Line Boring

CNC Block Surfacing

CNC Circular Interpolation of Counter Bores

CNC Thrust Facing Via Circular Interpolation

Deck Plate and Girdle Installation

Roller Lifter Machining

  • Bronze Bushing Installation For Over Size Alky Lifters
  • CNC Pushrod Relocation

Cylinder Block Line Honing

Camshaft Tunnel Boring

  • Accommodate Needle Roller Bearings
  • Added Cam Bearings Over OEM

Steel Main Cap Installation

Connecting Rod Heat Treating

Connecting Rod Re-Conditioning

Burnished Bronze Wrist Pin Bushings

Crankshaft Stroking

Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshaft Balancing

Crankshaft MICRO Polishing

  • Improved Journal Roundness
  • Achieve a 1-2 RA Journal Surface Finish

Block Blue Printing Via Renishaw Probing

Engine Clearancing

  • Crankshaft Clearance
  • Connecting Rod Swing Clearance
  • Camshaft Clearance
  • Lifter Boss Clearance

Cylinder Honing

Engine Assembly

Dyno Testing Available


Custom Work

  • 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC Machining
  • Mig and Tig Welding
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Custom Turbo Plumbing


Some of our equipment includes:

  • Haas VF-4 4 Axis CNC Machining Center
  • Haas VF-3SSYT 4 Axis CNC Machining Center
  • Haas TL-2 CNC Lathe
  • Haas SL-20 CNC Turning Center
  • Rottler F79A CNC Engine Block Machine
  • Mazak Integrex 300Y CNC Multi-Task
  • Berco RTM260A Crankshaft Grinder
  • Hines Legend Crankshaft Balancer
  • QPAC Crankshaft Micro Polisher
  • Sunnen CV616 Cylinder Hone
  • Sunnen CH-100 Line Hone
  • Sunnen Connecting Rod Hone
  • Sunnen Cap Grinder
  • Rod Balancing Equipment